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  • FPC Punching Die,SMTfly-PL
FPC Punching Die,SMTfly-PL

FPC Punching Die,SMTfly-PL

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Model Number: SMTfly-PL manufactory punch die
  • Board area: 460*320
  • Weight: 930*880*1230
  • Product description: FPC Punching Die,SMTfly-PL

Detailed Product Description:

CWPL                                                                            CWPM

Size 930 X 880X1230 Size 800x730x1230
The separate size 460*320MM The separate size 330*220MM
Minimize Speed Pneumatic Minimize Speed Pneumatic
Contribute(ton) 8 Contribute(ton) 8
Machine Weight(kg) 680 Machine Weight(kg) 580

FPC Punching Die,SMTfly-PL Features :

1.Depaneling PCB/FPC by means of punching dies, to avoid micro-cracks caused by manual.
2.Cast iron framework for rigidity. Punching dies are changeable. Easy set up of punching dies.
3.Moveable lower die for easy loading and unloadingPCB punch die| FPC die| PCB punch mold| FPC mould

SMTfly  Advantage:

1)Factory directly without any Trading Agency .
2)Good quality ahort lead-time .
3) Machine with high degree of automation     ,stable and safe .
4)Day technical support services
5) Limit the handling of complaints, half an hour back to customers


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