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  • Laser PCB Depanelizer
Laser PCB Depanelizer

Laser PCB Depanelizer

  • Product description: Laser PCB Depanelizer

Laser PCB Depanelizer, CWVC-5L


  • Non-contact cutting process to eliminate stress to the PCB and its delicate components
  • Reduced micro-cracks and reduced delamination for longer PCB life
  • Greater flexibility to cut unusual shapes
  • Faster set up for smaller production batches
  • More consistent laser accuracy over the life of the tool
  • Narrower cuts and less dust generated during the laser singulation process
  • Fewer burrs



Laser Q-Switched diode-pumped all solid-state UV laser
Laser Wavelength 355nm
Laser Power 10W/12W/15W/18W@30KHz
Positioning Precision of Worktable of Linear Motor ±2μm
Repetition Precision of Worktable of Linear Motor ±1μm
Effective Working Field 400mmX300mm(Customizable)
Laser Scanning Speed 2500mm/s (max)
Galvanometer Working Field Per One Process 40mmх40mm


Cutting Application:

FPC and some relative materials;

FPC/PCB/ Rigid-Flex PCB cutting, Camera module cutting;


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