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  • PCB Depaneling Machine, SMTfly-1SN
PCB Depaneling Machine, SMTfly-1SN

PCB Depaneling Machine, SMTfly-1SN Features:

1. 9 pairs of blades is available
2. Configuration of the blades is adjusted toindividual PC
3. Sensors are used to monitor the separating process
4. The PCBs are placed either by hand or they feed auto by a loading station.
5. Easy operating
6. Could be adjusted according to PCB sizes and custom requirements
7. Could be customized made as customers' request

PCB Depaneling machine, SMTfly-1SN Specification:

Cutting speed 100-220 mm/s
Cutting length 100 mm -unlimited
Cutting thickness 0.8-3.5mm
Cutting width 8-225 mm
Number of blades max 9 pairs
Voltage 110/220V
Pcb depaneling machine size 1155 x 405x330mm
Pcb depaneling machine weight 70 KG
Length of platform 1150 mm (customized )

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