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Laser Depaneling Equipment

Laser Depaneling Equipment

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Inline Laser Depaneling Equipment, CWVC-5L


Laser Q-Switched diode-pumped all solid-state UV laser
Laser Wavelength 355nm
Laser Power 10W/12W/15W/17W@30KHz
Positioning Precision of Worktable of Linear Motor ±2μm
Repetition Precision of Worktable of Linear Motor ±1μm
Effective Working Field 460mmX460mm(Customizable)
Laser Scanning Speed 2500mm/s (max)
Galvanometer Working Field Per One Process 40mmх40mm


High precision CCD automatic positioning, automatic focusing. Fast and accurate
positioning, save time and no worries.
Friendly interface,Simple operation, easy to use, free application; Small size, Save more
space; rigorous security design;
Reduce energy consumption, Cost savings.
Cost-effective, fast cutting speed, stable performance 


High Precision CCD Automatic Positioning Pcb Depaneling Equipment For 600*450mm PCB


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